Choosing the Right Chapter 7 California Bankruptcy Attorney Matters Even for Consumer Cases

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The truth is that many people who file for chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy relief have what California bankruptcy attorneys classify as straightforward or simple cases.

So why does it matter who a person retains as his/her chapter 7 California bankruptcy attorney?  Well, for one, it is difficult for someone to know that his/her bankruptcy case is a simple one and to know that with certainty unless that person is an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Secondly, a person’s peace of mind matters.  The decision to file bankruptcy is not an easy one, and it should be a decision of last resort.  Choosing the wrong attorney might not jeopardize the final outcome of the case, but it might turn out to be an unpleasant rollercoaster ride for those who are not careful in selecting the right lawyer.

People filing for bankruptcy need an attorney who can foresee the outcome of the case, identify potential obstacles, and protect the client.  People filing for bankruptcy need an attorney who is accessible, honest, knowledgeable, compassionate, and genuine.  This is why choosing the right bankruptcy attorney matters.  Good California bankruptcy attorneys understand what I’ve said above and will strive to ensure that the bankruptcy process goes smoothly.   Good California bankruptcy attorneys make themselves accessible and keep their clients informed.

Now, for anyone considering a Calfornia bankruptcy in a a non-consumer chapter 7 case, chapter 11 case , or chapter 13 case, the answer is simple: retain and consult with experienced and reputable legal counsel.  Simply put, an individual will not be able to successfully file for business chapter 7 cases, chapter 11, or chapter 13 bankruptcy without prior bankruptcy experience that an attorney possesses due to the procedural and legal complexities of bankruptcy law.

There are many reputable consumer California bankruptcy attorneys.  At JCH Law Firm, we believe that we stand out because we are all of the above yet our fees are affordable.  In fact, our attorney fees are typically less than what other comparable bankruptcy attorneys charge.

When considering the right Calfornia bankruptcy attorney, make sure to contact us at 1-800-371-5523 or email us at  We help people file Southern California bankruptcies, particularly Los Angeles County bankruptcies, Orange County bankruptcies, and Riverside County bankruptcies which are all territories within the Central District of California Bankruptcy Courts.


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