JCH Law Firm Helps People File Riverside Bankruptcy & Riverside County Bankruptcies

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Why should debtors or creditors choose JCH Law Firm to represent them in a Riverside Bankruptcy or Riverside County bankruptcy case?  Well, I  understand the bankruptcy laws as they apply in the central district and more specifically in Riverside County because I have experience working for a former chapter 7 trustee, a bankruptcy judge, and the U.S. Trustee.  JCH Law Firm offers what clients truly want – dependable legal representation at a fair price.

For example, federal Bankruptcy Judge Meredith Jury of the Central District of California presides out of the Riverside bankruptcy courthouse.  Judge Jury held in the chapter 7 case of In re Wilkins, 370 BR 815 (C.D. Cal 2007) that an above-median income debtor (above-median income debtor = someone who makes above what the Census Bureau determines is the average California household income per the household size for that debtor) could include a mortgage payment deduction on the means test for real estate that was to be surrendered in the bankruptcy case.

Furthemore, another former Riverside-based (now Los Angeles-based) federal Bankruptcy Judge, Peter Carroll, held in In re Reyes, 401 B.R. 910 (C.D. Cal 2009) that the decision in Wilkins is limited to chapter 7 bankrutpcy cases.  In other words, debtors in chapter 13 cases filed in Riverside County should expect  a challenge from the chapter 13 trustee if they deduct mortgage payments on the means test for real estate they otherwise intend to surrender in bankruptcy.

This type of knowledge is necessary information that a Riverside bankruptcy attorney must possess when considering filing Riverside Bankruptcy or Riverside County bankruptcies for debtors who own real estate under applicable facts.  Both Bankruptcy Judge Jury and Bankruptcy Judge Carroll are well-respected and extremely knowledgeable bankruptcy experts and judges.  Their decisions carry weight not only in the Riverside Bankruptcy Courts but across all of the Central District Courts, includings Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Woodland Hills.

Don’t choose any random Riverside Bankruptcy attorney claiming to do Riverside bankruptcy work to represent you.

Call us at 626-999-5959 or toll free at 1-800-371-5523 or email us at info@jchfirm.com.  Although our office is located in the heart of Los Angeles County in Alhambra, CA, we can meet with our Riverside Bankruptcy clients at professional, secure, and discreet office locations in Riverside County or come to you where you are.    Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.





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