Alhambra Bankruptcy Firm JCH LAW FIRM Joins Thumbtack!

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JCH Law Firm recently joined thumbtack!  JCH Law Firm helps people file Southern California Bankruptcies at its Alhambra, California bankruptcy office location.  Find the thumbtack link here: Alhambra Bankruptcy Attorney Jeffrey Hsu.   You can locate our Alhmabra office conveniently through google maps.

At JCH Law Firm, our Southern California bankruptcy lawyer Jeffrey Hsu believes in an honest and transparent approach so that our bankruptcy clients are empowered to make fully informed decisions based on the sound legal advice of a capable California bankruptcy attorney.  Our objective is that each and every client gives us his or her highest personal recommendation.

We are accessible, reliable, and trustworthy because we care about our bankruptcy clients and value our reputation as experienced Southern California bankruptcy attorneys.  All too often, individuals are confused and anxious about the legal process despite retaining legal counsel for bankruptcy matters; this should never be the case.  Our success depends upon building positive and lasting client relationships, one client at a time.  We enjoy working with people, and we will take time to ensure that our clients understand their rights and options throughout their bankruptcy case.


We value what we do

We practice Southern California bankruptcy law because it is who we are and what we do.

Firm principal Jeffrey Hsu has distinctive insight into the practice of Southern California bankruptcy law having worked for a federal bankruptcy judge, the U.S. Trustee, and a former chapter 7 panel trustee.  Jeffrey Hsu has demonstrated this focus in bankruptcy since law school.  In fact, he successfully competed in the Duberstein competition, the premier bankruptcy competition for law school students across the country.

At JCH Law firm, our Southern California bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Hsu has the experience, ability, and desire to achieve success in your bankruptcy case because we take pride in what we do.  We continue to learn and interpret Southern California bankruptcy laws by writing legal articles and contributing to our own bankruptcy blog where clients can find more information about the Southern California bankruptcy process.


Contact us for your free consultation

Whether you are dealing with a straightforward problem, a legally complex issue, or a litigious matter, we promise to take the time to listen and offer appropriate guidance.  We have experience assisting a variety of clients with bankruptcy services ranging from consumer bankruptcy to corporate bankruptcy and  creditors’ rights.

Our Alhambra, California office is located in the heart of Los Angeles County.  Call us at 626-999-5959 or contact us today for a free consultation.

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