Trust JCH Law Firm & Bankruptcy Attorney Jeffrey Hsu for Your Orange County Bankruptcy

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JCH Law Firm offers what clients truly want – dependable legal representation at an affordable price.  However you are not sacrificing the quality of legal representation by retaining JCH Law Firm.

I  understand the bankruptcy laws as they apply in the central district and more specifically in Orange County because I have experience working for a former chapter 7 trustee, a bankruptcy judge, and the U.S. Trustee.  In fact, I externed for Federal Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kwan who presides out of the Orange County Bankruptcy Courthouse located in Santa Ana, California.  I can charge less because I am straightforward and genuine in my approach, and I don’t believe in gamesmanship.

This does not mean that I have magical bankruptcy powers nor do I know more about bankruptcy laws than the next reputable attorney – but it should indicate to potential clients that I take my work seriously and take pride in the bankruptcy work that I do.  I know what bankruptcy judges, panel trustees, and U.S. Trustees expect because I have worked for those groups.  These experiences allow me to anticipate and successfully overcome potential obstacles in more problematic cases.   I have filed straightforward bankruptcy cases for individuals of all backgrounds to more complex cases for business clients, including sole proprietors and businesses in various industries.

When considering the right bankruptcy attorney for your Southern California bankruptcy case, make sure to contact us at (626) 999-5959.    JCH Law Firm helps individuals, families, and businesses file Orange County bankruptcy cases, Los Angeles bankruptcy cases, and beyond.


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