October, 2011

Special Guest Blog by Attorney Andrea W.S. Paris: An Employer’s Responsibility to Accomodate Disabled Employees

Today I bring you a special guest blog by attorney Andrea W.S. Paris, who focuses her Newport Beach-based legal practice in the areas of Employment Law, Estate Planning, and Civil Litigation.  Ms. Paris authors an informative blog on issues related to her areas of practice through her law firm website, The Law Offices of Andrea W.S. Paris.  Here is Ms. Paris’ guest article: A study...

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Need An Honest Southern California Bankruptcy Attorney?

Believe it or not a bankruptcy petition is processed by the Central District Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office around every 4 minutes.  That’s a lot of bankruptcies.   In 2010, in the Central District (where Orange County, LA County, Riverside County bankruptcies are filed), there were over 140,000 filed cases.    2011 will prove about the same in terms of the number of filings when all...

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Choose JCH Law Firm & Attorney Jeffrey Hsu for your California Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Southern California bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Hsu has helped clients successfully file chapter 13 plans in a variety of circumstances.  Clients who initially filed bankruptcy on their own have asked for Jeffrey Hsu’s assistance after the U.S. Trustee objected to their case.  Other clients have come to Mr. Hsu after other Southern California bankruptcy lawyers were unable to confirm their...

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