Need An Honest Southern California Bankruptcy Attorney?

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Believe it or not a bankruptcy petition is processed by the Central District Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office around every 4 minutes.  That’s a lot of bankruptcies.   In 2010, in the Central District (where Orange County, LA County, Riverside County bankruptcies are filed), there were over 140,000 filed cases.    2011 will prove about the same in terms of the number of filings when all is said and done.  Only time will tell what happens in the year of 2012, but experts are not expecting a slowdown.

With so many Southern California bankruptcy filings, there are a lot of people who need help across Southern California.  But it can extremely difficult choosing the right bankruptcy attorney.  Fortunately, this past month, several clients living in the cities of Los Angeles County and Orange County researched and found JCH Law Firm to help them with their bankruptcy matters.   These clients retained me, attorney Jeffrey Hsu, to help represent them in their chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

While there are positive reviews for JCH Law Firm, that is not what sets up apart.  As an honest Southern California bankruptcy attorney, I care about my clients and spend the time necessary to ensure clients are comfortable about the process.  More importantly, I know what I am doing and I am honest.  Just this past week, someone called me asking about chapter 13 and possibly “stripping” the second mortgage on a home in chapter 13 along with repaying debts.  This client had been told by other attorneys that the second mortgage on this person’s home could be stripped and urged this person to immediately retain their firm by paying several thousands of dollars.  After talking to this individual, I concluded a lien strip was unlikely and that the person should first get an appraisal or at least a broker’s price opinion before moving forward.  I urged this person to also contact other reputable bankruptcy attorneys and get a second opinion.  This person thanked me for my candor and realized I was being honest about the situation.

That’s why I practice bankruptcy law – to help people when they need it most.  At JCH Law Firm, we are honest, experienced, and affordable.   This combination makes us unique, and we are happy to report that clients are recognizing what we offer as more and more people and business owners in need of bankruptcy services are calling us and retaining our firm to represent them in bankruptcy matters.  Call us at 626-999-5959 or toll free at 800-371-5523.  Or just click here to contact us.











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