Jeffrey Hsu, Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney, With Parking Information for Los Angeles-based 341(a) Meeting of Creditors

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E&Y Building, Los Angeles

E&Y Building, Los Angeles

Filing a Los Angeles bankruptcy is an important legal decision. Once you’ve decided to file, you will have to attend a 341(a) meeting of creditors. These meetings for Los Angeles County residents take place at the Ernst & Young Building at 725 S. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, CA.

The most convenient place to park is at the 7+FIG parking structure.  Parking at the structure leaves you within a comfortable and close walking distance to the US Trustee meeting rooms located on the first floor of the E&Y building.

Please note that the parking structure will cost at least $7.00 unless you validate your ticket. You can do so by purchasing food/drink at the Starbucks off Figueroa street or by purchasing food/drink at any of the other restaurants and participating vendors located off 7th&Fig. Be on notice that the 7th&Fig website is inaccurate and that Starbucks no longer offers a 3 hour validation. Starbucks is only good for a 1 hour validation whereas the other businesses are still valid for 3 hours upon validation as far as I was told by the 7th&Fig Staff. Please note that this information may change per 7th&Fig’s parking and validation policies at anytime subsequent to this posting.

At JCH Law Firm, our bankruptcy attorney, Jeffrey Hsu, makes sure our clients’ experience filing for bankruptcy is comfortable and well-planned from beginning to end. We keep our clients well-informed and are there when we are needed most. Contact us today at 800-371-5523 or locally at 626-999-5959 for the greater Los Angeles areas.

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