December, 2011

Need an Alhambra Bankruptcy Attorney Who is Experienced, Honest, & Affordable?

Alhambra Bankruptcy Attorney Jeffrey Hsu has an office conveniently located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley for individuals, families, businesses, and creditors looking for Tustin bankruptcy representation or bankruptcy services in the greater Orange County area. Mr. Hsu has represented individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from the permanently unemployed to those earning...

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Are You Eligible to File a Chapter 13 California Bankruptcy Case?

Anyone receiving some source of income can file a chapter 13 California bankruptcy case – at least any individual wage earner or individual generating a form of reliable income.  It is important to understand that chapter 13 is a voluntary process – thus anyone is eligible to file a chapter 13, if they otherwise haven’t filed for bankruptcy recently. It’s become clear...

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The Top Reason To File Bankruptcy

Want to know the top reason to file for bankruptcy: Well, it’s to Get a Fresh Start This fundamental concept of bankruptcy is ever so important to those who actually do file bankruptcy.  People file bankruptcy to move forward with life, and that is really and truly when people should file for bankruptcy protection.   Good people who cannot afford to pay their debts due to medical...

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