What to Look for In a California Bankruptcy Attorney

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California Bankruptcy Attorneys should be honest and informative.  California Bankruptcy attorneys must present potential clients with all of their options.  Furthermore, California bankruptcy attorneys should have a fundamental understanding of bankruptcy laws as applied locally within the district where they are practicing.

A bankruptcy attorney should have a general idea of how a case will turn out, or at the very least have an understand of how the case may turn out.   Sometimes, potential issues are unpredictable so the outcome may be unclear, but it should never be unanticipated.  If a bankruptcy attorney fails to anticipate a problem, it is too late to go back in time.   That is why it is critical for those contemplating bankruptcy to select the right attorney from the start.

Ask the right questions, including:

1. How long have you practiced bankruptcy law (rather than the more general how long have you practice law)?

2.  How many cases have you filed?

3. Of those cases, how many were successful?

4. What are your bankruptcy-specific credentials?

5.  Will my case be successful if I file?   Do you anticipate or foresee any problems regarding my case?

6.  If the case is a chapter 13, how certain is the attorney that the plan payment will be approved based on the plan that has been crafted at the time of filing?

There are ultimately many relevant questions that can be asked, but those above are some general questions you may want to ask when selecting a bankruptcy attorney.  Most of all, you should feel comfortable with your bankruptcy attorney and your attorney should come across as genuine, knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy.   If you don’t feel your attorney hits all those marks, there are California bankruptcy attorneys that do.   Be selective and don’t settle.




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