June, 2012

Learn How to Select a Good & Competent Chapter 13 Attorney in California

Selecting a good and competent chapter 13 California bankruptcy attorney is not always easy.   You have to find someone you trust, yet that attorney must also be competent at what he or she does.   One characteristic without the other will not take you very far in terms of the chapter 13 process. California Chapter 13 Bankruptcies are more involved than chapter 7 cases oftentimes because most...

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San Gabriel Valley Homeowners & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – It May Be Your Best Chance For Financial Relief

If you are a San Gabriel Valley Homeowner in Southern California, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be an alternative you want to consider, particularly where you have 2 or more mortgage payments & your home is underwater in California. It is important to understand that chapter 13 bankruptcy is a structured means to create a repayment plan for all your creditors.  Oftentimes, you can cure...

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