Means Test in Bankruptcy Cases

The means test refers to whether a debtor has the “means” to repay debts. Typically, all consumer debtors must complete the entire means test where their household income is above the median threshold as determined by the Census Bureau.

JCH LAW FIRM Pleased To Announce Attorney Jeff Hsu is Now a California Board Certified Bankruptcy Specialist

JCH LAW FIRM is pleased to announce that attorney Jeffrey Hsu is now a California State Bar Board Certified Legal Specialist in Bankruptcy Law as of August 1, 2014. We look forward to continuing to serve the Southern California community at large, and we hope our current and future clients feel even more confident that JCH LAW FIRM is right for their needs.      

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Help! I Don’t Pass the California Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test! Now what?

In all chapter 7 individual cases where consumer debts are at issue, the persons filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy are subject to the Chapter 7 Means Test within official Bankruptcy Form 22.  Again the means test, in short, determines whether or not you have too much disposable income for purposes of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. What happens though if you do not pass the means test?   Is all...

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JCH Law Firm Helps People File Riverside Bankruptcy & Riverside County Bankruptcies

Why should debtors or creditors choose JCH Law Firm to represent them in a Riverside Bankruptcy or Riverside County bankruptcy case?  Well, I  understand the bankruptcy laws as they apply in the central district and more specifically in Riverside County because I have experience working for a former chapter 7 trustee, a bankruptcy judge, and the U.S. Trustee.  JCH Law Firm offers what...

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Understand the California Bankruptcy Means Test By Understanding Its Purpose

Sometimes bankruptcy practitioners explain the California bankruptcy means test to potential clients as if it is a form of incomprehensible rocket science.   At JCH Law Firm, we believe in straight talk and want you to understand the basic fundamental concepts of what the means test is and how California bankruptcy law applies to you. The California Bankruptcy means test only applies in...

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