Jeffrey C. Hsu, Southern California Bankruptcy Attorney

Jeffrey Hsu, Bankruptcy AttorneyProfessional Experience


Southern California Attorney Jeffrey Hsu is the principal attorney of JCH Law Firm, a law firm specializing in personal and small business bankruptcies.  Jeff is recognized by the State Bar of California as a Legal Specialist in Bankruptcy Law through the California Board of Legal Specialization and the Bankruptcy Law Advisory Commission.

Prior to starting JCH Law Firm, Jeffrey Hsu worked as a bankruptcy attorney under the tutelage of certified bankruptcy specialist Patrick Kavanagh, a former chapter 7 trustee in the Eastern District of California for over 20 years.  Jeff also served as judicial extern to the Honorable Robert N. Kwan, Bankruptcy Judge for the Central District of California where he prepared bench memoranda and regularly assisted with business bankruptcy and consumer bankruptcy matters on calendar.  Additionally, he completed a clinical internship with the Department of Justice’s United States Trustee’s Bankruptcy Office in the Southern District of California where he assisted with trial preparation, Rule 2004 exams, and prepared memoranda and motions to help preserve the integrity of the Southern California bankruptcy system.

Jeff represented his law school during the 17th Annual Conrad B. Duberstein Appellate Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition held at St. John’s University in New York where he participated in appellate oral argument and brief writing.  In fact, he and his partner earned an award for “Outstanding Brief” because their submission of bankruptcy arguments within a chapter 11 context were recognized as one of the best among almost fifty competing law schools from around the country.

Jeff genuinely cares about his clients’ best interest.  In practice, attorney Hsu has successfully represented individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from the permanently unemployed to those earning significant household or business incomes.  Jeff has also filed small business bankruptcies and advised several businesses considering or affected by bankruptcy issues.  Jeff has also successfully represented creditors such as landlords and mortgagees and has experience assisting chapter 7 trustees regarding contested bankruptcy matters.

Jeffrey Hsu is a participating member of several legal organizations and believes in volunteering his Southern California legal services to benefit the community.  He has been awarded with the Wiley W. Manual Award for Pro Bono Legal Services, one of the more prestigious pro bono awards given in the state of California.

Attorney Jeffrey Hsu attended U.C. Berkeley as an undergraduate and earned his law degree from California Western School of Law in San Diego. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Hsu worked for the corporate buying offices of the May Company in North Hollywood, California.


Sample Personal Bankruptcy Filings:

  • State & City Employees (police officers, sheriffs, government employees and more)
  • Military Veterans, Students, Unemployed Persons, Disabled Persons
  • Married & Divorcing Spouses (including same sex couples)
  • Business Professionals (attorneys, real estate brokers, and more)


Sample Small Business Bankruptcy Filings:

  • Solar panel corporation
  • Business owner of an RV Park
  • Business owners of a commercial feed lot
  • Business owners of a Snack Shop
  • Tow Truck Companies
  • Construction Businesses


Sample Cases:

  • In re Hammons Case No. 10-15894: Chapter 13 Trustee Objected to Debtor’s Chapter 13 Plan based on an expense in line 54 of Form B22 Means Test.   Mr. Hsu filed a written ten page researched opposition to objection and successfully argued in court that the plan payments provided for all of the debtor’s disposable income.   The judge agreed with Mr. Hsu & confirmed the plan over chapter 13 trustee’s objection.
  • In re Kroeker Case No. 05-16676:  Attorney Jeff Hsu, on behalf of the standing chapter 7 trustee, helped resolve a stagnant five year old chapter 7 bankruptcy case in which there was a dispute over the business assets of the non-filing ex-spouse that could benefit the bankruptcy estate.  Mr. Hsu successfully drafted an opposition for relief from stay to vacate a court order in superior court based on the theory of nunc pro tunc annulment of the relief from stay.    Based on the motion, the parties settled the matter shortly thereafter for almost $20,000.00 for a case thought to be worthless for the bankruptcy estate.


  • B.A., University of California at Berkeley
  • J.D., California Western School of Law