Practice Areas for Southern California Bankruptcy

JCH Law Firm, a Southern California bankruptcy firm, assists clients through the bankruptcy process across Southern California.  Because the practice of bankruptcy law is diverse, every client should seek the advice of competent legal counsel.

While some cases may be easily resolved, most Southern California bankruptcy cases involve some legal or procedural complexity.  For example, those facing issues related to foreclosure or mortgage problems require a bankruptcy attorney who also possesses a fundamental understanding of real property law.  For those facing wage garnishments or lawsuits, a thorough understanding of the state court collections process is necessary.  In almost all cases, Southern California bankruptcy attorneys must understand secured transactions laws as almost all bankruptcy cases involve secured claims, such as an outstanding car loan secured against a client’s vehicle.  Therefore, a Southern California bankruptcy attorney must not only understand bankruptcy law but also areas of law specific to your case.

Each bankruptcy case is unique, and therefore the bankruptcy code offers different remedies for each client.  Our Southern California bankruptcy offices are here to assist you and provide all relevant options available to you.  We represent clients in both consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy matters.  Our areas of bankruptcy practice include:

Whether you are dealing with a straightforward problem, a legally complex issue, or a litigious matter, we promise to take the time to listen and offer appropriate guidance. Our Southern California bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Hsu offers bankruptcy services throughout all of southern California.  Call or contact us today for a free consultation.