Bankruptcy Litigation in Southern California

Unfortunately, some bankruptcy matters can only be resolved through bankruptcy litigation.  At JCH Law Firm, our Southern California bankruptcy attorneys are prepared to handle these matters.  Such matters include contested matters and adversary proceedings, such as preference actions and bankruptcy dischargeability litigation.

When contested issues arise, your bankruptcy attorney must be more than familiar with bankruptcy litigation rules and procedures.  Your attorney must also recognize the judge, trustee, and other opposing parties relevant to your case.  With JCH Law Firm, you are represented by a Southern California Bankruptcy attorney who has worked for a bankruptcy judge, former chapter 7 panel trustee, and the United States Trustee’s Office.  These insights matter and make a difference in the outcome of your bankruptcy litigation case.

Southern California bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Hsu gets results.  He has drafted motions and researched legal issues on behalf of a chapter 7 trustee, resulting in settlements for over $20,000.00.  He recovered over $8,000.00 for one particular debtor in a preference action related to wage garnishments.  Mr. Hsu also has experience settling debts and bankruptcy dischargeability litigation claims.  He has recovered money and assets for both debtors and creditors alike.  Mr. Hsu has also successfully defended clients against objections filed by trustees and other parties of interest.

If you are a debtor, creditor, or third party to a bankruptcy case, your situation may require bankruptcy litigation.  To understand the likelihood of success for your particular consumer or corporate bankruptcy case or issue, call or contact JCH Law Firm so we can speak with you directly.