Creditors’ Rights

JCH Law Firm understands creditors’ rights. We know creditors want prompt results.  If you have a claim against a debtor in a current or pending bankruptcy case, we can help ensure your creditor rights.    We have experience in the creditors’ rights practice area helping creditors navigate through bankruptcy court while enforcing debts and recovering assets.

Attorney Jeffrey Hsu has helped creditors including mortgagees and landlords successfully file relief from stay motions in bankruptcy cases.  Our firm also assists creditors in other procedural filings, including proof of claims or motions to extend deadlines.  Often times, creditors must file substantive motions or engage in litigation through adversary proceedings to preserve their creditor rights against debtors and other parties of interest.

At JCH Law Firm, our Southern California bankruptcy attorney has experience in creditors’ rights and will guide you through the myriad of bankruptcy procedures, rules, and timelines.