Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are applicable to individuals only.  That means people including wage earners and sole proprietors meeting certain debt limits can file chapter 13, but corporations and other related entities are ineligible for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A chapter 13 case is characterized by a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan in which a debtor must make recurring payments over a period of time, typically between three to five years.  The actual duration and payment schedule depends on the facts and circumstance of each chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

For a general and basic understanding of chapter 13, please refer to the official U.S. Court website.

A chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is relevant for those individuals, families, or sole proprietors who are either unable to qualify for chapter 7 or wish to repay a portion or all of their debts in an organized and systematic manner.  In other cases, chapter 13 offers the advantage of re-classifying certain claims to the benefit of the debtor, resulting in a more realistic plan repayment than would otherwise exist outside of bankruptcy.

Southern California bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Hsu has helped clients successfully file chapter 13 plans in a variety of circumstances.  Clients who initially filed bankruptcy on their own have asked for Jeffrey Hsu’s assistance after the U.S. Trustee objected to their case.  Other clients have come to Mr. Hsu after other Southern California bankruptcy lawyers were unable to confirm their chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

Jeffrey Hsu has frequently retained clients who consult with multiple attorneys.   These clients trust Mr. Hsu because he crafts chapter 13 plans that are realistic and accurate.  In one particular case, Jeffrey Hsu saved a client almost $100,000.00 through the entirety of a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan repayment simply because Jeffrey Hsu recognized the client had surrendered real property that consisted of a purchase money second mortgage rather than a home equity line of credit as another reputable bankruptcy attorney had presumed.

At JCH Law Firm, our Southern California bankruptcy attorneys have experience confirming chapter 13 plans, and we take the time to fully explain the overlapping parts of a chapter 13 bankruptcy case so our clients can make intelligent decisions over their financial future.