Bankruptcy Resources for Individuals and Businesses in Southern California

JCH Law Firm is a Southern California bankruptcy law firm.  We provide the following links so that clients can easily find relevant information related to bankruptcy.  For more information regarding your particular situation, contact JCH Law Firm for your free consultation.


Bankruptcy Overview

  • The official United States Courts Website is a fantastic resource.  Anyone looking to gain a fundamental understanding of core bankruptcy concepts should review the information provided here.


The Bankruptcy System

  • The United States Trustee is an integral participant in the bankruptcy process and oversees the bankruptcy process as a component of the Department of Justice.  You will find bankruptcy information, statistics, and more about the U.S. Trustee’s role in bankruptcy cases.


Bankruptcy News, Updates, and Articles

  • NACBA is the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.  NABCA provides up to date case summaries, legislative news, and other relevant bankruptcy news and information.
  • The American Bankruptcy Institute is a premier insolvency organization dedicated to the advancement and coverage of bankruptcy laws and issues.  The ABI’s Consumer Bankruptcy Center offers guidance and information to individuals considering a bankruptcy filing.
  • The JCH Law Firm Blog discusses a variety of issues and topics unique to the bankruptcy process.  Attorney Jeffrey Hsu regularly updates the blog with issues and insights relating to consumer and business bankruptcy cases and offers legal articles on issues relevant to the practice of bankruptcy law today.